Q&A with Iceland’s Seabear (08-26-09)

An Icelandic indie-folk band, Seabear is quickly becoming one of the more prominent acts out of Iceland, along with Bjork and Sigur Ros. Once a one-man show, Seabear, over the years, have evolved into a 7 person band who’s names are: sindri, örn ingi, guggý, inga, kjartan, dóri, sóley. Signed to Morr Music, a record label out of Germany, Seabear sings their songs primarily in English. Ironically, they have never toured the US– something they will be doing soon, according sóley. We recently caught up with sóley to talk about their success, Fleetwood Mac, and an old cinema called Bæjarbíó.

[The following Blue Indian Q & A was done by Luke Goddard.]

Blue Indian: Hey there! Thanks for chatting with Blue Indian.What are the names of the members in Seabear? Who am I speaking with? Your role in the band?
Seabear: Sindri (guitarist and singer), Guggý (violin), Örn Ingi (electric guitar), Dóri (bass), Kjartan (drums), Sóley (Keyboard). Now you are speaking to Sóley.
BI: So, you all are from Iceland. Do you tour in the US very often?
SBear: Unfortunately no. We have been on our way to the US for at least two years but because of lack of time and money we haven´t been there yet. Next year will hopefully be the year of Seabear going to the US.
BI: When I think of Iceland,  Bjork, Sigur Ros, and Seabear immediately comes to mind. What are your thoughts on Bjork? Sigur Ros?
SBear: I love both of them. Not only for the music, it´s hard work being a musician.
BI: What are some of your influences musically?
I think it´s different inside the band, we all have very strong taste of music and I don´t think we have one band that we all look up to.It’s more what you hear and see each and every day. And then we meet up and play and that it´s the music from Seabear. Though I have to say Fleetwood mac. We all love Fleetwood mac. I think.
BI: Seabear has over 2 million plays on your MySpace page. You all are really starting to take off. How do you feel about this?
SBear: It´s really nice to know that people like what you do and make.
BI: If you could tour with any 3 bands, who would they be?
Definitely Fleetwood Mac, Sinéad O’Connor and K-trio, jazz-trio from Iceland and good friends of ours. (if they are busy then some other crazy jazz-band)
BI: What is one of your most memorable moments while being on tour?
SBear: They are so many and crazy. While touring the band is a big family living in a bus. What happens on tour stays on tour.
BI: Who are some of your favorite artists you’ve had the privilege to share the stage with?
SBear: Now I have to think. What comes up to my mind right now is Múm, Amiina and Deerhunter.
What would be the ideal venue for a Seabear show?
SBear: We had a great show month ago in an old cinema called Bæjarbíó. The atmosphere was beautiful and we had a great time. Also we played two years ago  in a theater called Volksbuhne in Berlin. Any nice place around the world and not too late is our goal.
BI: You’ve been compared to Belle & Sebastian. How does that feel?
SBear: For myself, I listened to Belle & Sebastian alot some years ago. I like that band so i guess that´s good.
BI: The song, “Cat Piano” is beautifully written. You must’ve known it’d be a hit upon writing it…
SBear: That´s how you make music. Make hits!
BI: How is it being on Morr Music record label?
SBear: It´s good. Really really good. They are all very nice people.
On your MySpace page, you have several videos of people covering Seabear tunes on YouTube. Do you enjoy hearing different people’s takes on your songs?
SBear: Yes it´s fun and weird but great.
BI: What can fans of Seabear expect from you soon?
Next year, 2010, a great record full of hit singles and hopefully some tours.
BI: From the States, it was an absolute pleasure chatting with you. Cheers.
SBear: From Iceland and the band. Thank you too!


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Posted by Luke Goddard.