Q&A with Rova Zetella

Rova Zetella

From the Atlanta, GA area, Rova Zetella is an interesting band. I’ve seen them perform live only once. Not too long ago, they performed at The 567 in downtown Macon, GA with Molly Parden and Oh Dorian. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and remember telling my wife that I’d definitely go hear them again. My wife, being a piano major in college, was able to help me appreciate how ridiculously gifted Rob Hardie is with the keys. The dude can flat-out tear it up. Frankly, this band has all of the elements to succeed; I think it’s just a matter of their music falling in the hands of the right people. They’re hard-workers, and I have a feeling their diligence will one day pay off. I had a chance to talk to Jordan, the 19 year old guitarist for the band. We talked about the new Rova Zetella record (coming soon), his break-up with singer-songwriter Molly Parden, and that crazy bassist, Anton Dang, from O’Brother.  Blue Indian (Luke Goddard): Well, hello! We have Georgia’s own, Rova Zetella. Thanks for chatting with The Blue Indian.

Rova Zetella: No problem.

BI: Who do we have here? Your role in the band?

RZ: My name is Jordan McGhin and I play lead guitar.

BI: For those who aren’t familiar with the sound of Rova Zetella, could you compare your sound to some bands to give them an idea?

RZ: I can’t compare our sound to any bands. At least I hope we wouldn’t be able to do that. I know we are influenced by Radiohead, Bjork, mewithoutYou, Brand New, Thrice, Bright Eyes and artists of the such to name a few.

BI: So, you guys are really young. You’re getting off to an amazing start. What are the names and ages in the band?

RZ: Rob Hardie: Main Vocals/Keys/Guitar. 19 years old.
Jordan Mcghin: Backup Vocals/Guitar. 19 years old.
Matthew Riggs: Bass. 21 years old.
Ben Zahn: Synth/Bells/Percussion. 21 years old.
Jacob Deel: Drums. 20 years old.
Raleigh Chesney: Baritone Guitar/Cello. 21 years old.

BI: You guys have a new record coming out in early 2010 called, “That Darkness.” How’s that going?

RZ: It’s coming along really well. We have finished tracking and are currently working on mixing and mastering the whole thing. So it should be done soon. We’re excited.

BI: So, you seem to be good friends with the talented singer-songwriter, Molly Parden. Any chance we’ll hear her on the new Rova Zetella record? Any collaboration with her in the future?

RZ: Yes. She and I were dating for almost two years and she just recently broke up with me. You will hear her violin on the new record though. Yes. We will always work with Molly in the future. She’s a close friend to all of us and a brilliant musician.

BI: Dang. That’s sad. Moving on. What has been your biggest influence musically throughout your career?

RZ: Radiohead.

BI: Do you guys get along pretty well on the road? Who’s the brain behind the band? There always seems to be one dude that is super intelligent in every band we’ve interviewed.

RZ: We get along very well on the road. It’s my favorite group of people ever. We’re definitely like brothers and all very affectionate and enjoy being close to one another. A lot of kissing whether or not both people like it. I don’t know who the “smartest” in the band is but Rob writes all the music and I do everything else.

BI: Even better, if Rova Zetella had to select one member to go fight Mike Tyson without gloves, who would it be? Keep in mind, this person
would have to be able to give the best shot out of the rest of Rova Zetella.

RZ: Ben Zahn. He could kick all of our a**es.

BI: We’re in the process of working out an interview with Manchester Orchestra. These guys have exploded on the indie scene over the past couple of years. What’s your thoughts on the band? Would you wanna work with them in the future? I hear Jeremiah is a pretty good producer…

RZ: They’re great. Sure. I’m sure he is.

BI: If you could select 3 singer-songwriters/bands to collaborate with on a record, who would they be?

RZ: I’m assuming you mean ones that we know. Personally, Timbre, O’brother, and Dignan. Great friends and great music.

BI: Who are you currently wearing out on your iPod right now?

RZ: Trevecca Madrigalians.

BI: What are 3 things you MUST have with you on the road while touring?

RZ: The Bible. My I-Pod. My phone…typical.

BI: If you were forced to live in a dorm room for the rest of your life with one of the members of O’Brother, who would it be and why?

RZ: Johnny Dang. We always sleep together. I love his body the most. Only downside is, that brother of his is a complete tool.

BI: [Laughs] Have you ever been told that you should sing more in the band?

RZ: Yes.

BI: What are you reading right now?

RZ: The Silmarillion.

BI: What can fans of Rova Zetella expect from you all in the near future?

RZ: I wish I knew. I guess better music than what we have out now. Who knows. Big gulps ehh…Welp. See ya later.