7 Minutes in Heaven with: PLANTS AND ANIMALS


Website: www.plantsandanimals.ca
Twitter: @plantandanimal
Facebook: www.facebook.com/plantsandanimals

Bio: Plants and Animals have been playing together for 10 years. They began as an instrumental group and recorded a self-titled record in 2002 with 15-minute songs. After a few years of performing around Montreal, Warren started singing with other people, and soon enough he just couldn’t contain himself. Silence became oooohs, oooohs became words.

In 2008, an ambitious project two years in the making became Parc Avenue  complete with guitars and drums and vocals, and orchestration out the wazoo. It was nominated for one Polaris prize, two Junos and three GAMIQs. The band followed it in 2010 with La La Land, a heavier, darker departure from Parc Avenue that has become a veritable cult favorite. Their latest studio LP is The End of That, out on Secret City Records in February 2012.

1. Where are you from and how long have you been making music? 

Hi. We’re from Montreal and we’ve been playing together for 10 years, touring as a slick, professional outfit for 5.

2. Describe your sound in 5 words: 

Zebra meets tiger, lunch served.

3. Who would you list as your top 3 musical influences? 

ABC: Al Green, Bach and CCR.

4. If you were to choose one song from your most recent release to share with our readers, what would it be and why? 

Faerie Dance from Parc Avenue has it all.

5. What were your 5 favorite albums of 2011? 

Barr Brothers

War on Drugs

Tame Impala


Timber Timbre

 6. Name a band that we might not have heard of yet but we should definitely check out? 

The Barr Brothers

7. What’s been the most exciting thing about 2012 for you so far and what do you have to look forward to?



Watch the music video for the title track of Plants & Animals’ 2012 LP The End of That

[youtube id=0eFSXcQfKZE]