SoundHarvest Featured Artist Interview: The Weeks

photo by Pooneh Ghana

photo by Pooneh Ghana

With the inaugural SoundHarvest Music Festival set to take place in just a few days, there’s a buzz around Nashville about what guests can expect. Headlined by The Flaming Lips, the one-day, two-stage fest takes over Music City’s iconic Centennial Park on Saturday, October 17th for a full day of music that includes sets from recent stand-out acts Allen Stone, Benjamin Booker, The Last Internationale, the four gentlemen you see pictured above, The Weeks, and more.

We caught up with The Weeks’ Uel Dee to see what the band has been up to and why they’re excited to be a part of Nashville’s newest festival. Tickets for SoundHarvest are just $45 for general admission and $100 for VIP.

The last time we featured the band on The Blue Indian was right before your 2013 Hangout Festival appearance — yeah, it’s been a while! In 7 words, bring us (and readers) up to speed on happenings in the world of The Weeks. 

2016 World Tour. New album. Jam y’all.

You’ll be playing at the inaugural SoundHarvest Music Festival in Nashville this weekend alongside Flaming Lips, Allen Stone, Benjamin Booker, and more. Nashville has been home to the band for a few years now, so what are you all looking forward to most about this special hometown show?

We took a good bit of time off the road this year to focus on writing and recharging, so we’ve probably spent more time in Nashville in 2015 then 2012-2014 combined. It’s been great to reconnect with the city since it’s been growing so damn fast. We’re getting ready to record the new album next month so SoundHarvest will be the first time Nashville hears the 1 or 2 new songs we play. Always exciting to be a part of a bill this stacked too. 

For guests looking to make a weekend out of the Festival, what are a few personal favorites for places to get some food and drinks?

Athens on Franklin Pike FOR SURE. Mitchell Deli on McGavock is always a winner. During SoundHarvest though the best bet is Hog Heaven, a little BBQ shack basically inside Centennial Park. For boozin my spots are usually Holland House for early cocktails to pretend I’m classy, then to Mickey’s to get messy wasted. (Fast forward to post-Mickey’s me shamefully stuffing my drunk face with a CookOut burger)

What’s the best advice you’ve learned over the years on how to make a festival experience top notch?

We went from playing zero festivals in 2013 to playing like 30 in 2014, so we had to learn the different dynamics of playing festival shows very quickly. Like most rock bands, we feed off the energy of the crowd and that’s a little harder when it’s still sunny out and you can see the dude that’s 2000 people back eating a fish taco, just waiting for the next band. Playing festivals (and most shows, really) is a lot about pretending you’re at a sold out headlining Wembley Area show. Most importantly, we make sure to get rowdy on every inch of the big stages. Using your space is pivotal. At multi-stage festivals you’ve got to not only keep the fans from leaving to check out the second half of that other band with the hot new single but also draw in the passer bys that have no clue who you are. Loud guitars, big hooks and a lot of fast movement draws them in like kittens. 

The Weeks – A.V. Club Session – “Tennessee” by Arrested Development

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