25 Bands to Watch at SXSW 2013


TheBlueIndian.com crew is making our inaugural trip to the land of milk and honey – SXSW 2013. Needless to say, we’re excited, and so we wanted to share with you a mere twenty-five of the hundreds of bands that we’re hoping to see over our time there, along with a video for each of their tunes. Compiled by staff writer Everett Verner and contributing writer David Dorer, this list will give you a glimpse of the party we plan on having. See you soon, Texas.

Allah-Las – Los Angeles, California

[youtube id=yIJ-RsIO1eA]

Ben Sollee – Louisville, Kentucky

[youtube id=LfrNG3gr1U8]

Capital Cities – Los Angeles, California

[youtube id=PKipkFfxYQ8]

Cherub – Nashville, Tennessee

[youtube id=XlZtvEM5mf4]

DRGN KING – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[youtube id=V-Mo8GWVS4c]

FUCK ART, LET’S DANCE! – Hamburg, Germany

[youtube id=1hjPPSkCncs]

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – Los Angeles, California

[youtube id=vRlWln9N6Z0]

The Hood Internet – Chicago, Illinois

[youtube id=awMfWCei40k]

Indians – Copenhagen, Denmark

[youtube id=vFCkmyMVZQ0]

Ivan & Alyosha – Seattle, Washington

[youtube id=fmQtGe2M1DE]

Jackie Chain – Huntsville, Alabama

[youtube id=osuY809zd5U]

The Last Royals – New York, New York

[youtube id=zTntldZATTQ]

Metz – Toronto, Canada

[youtube id=krGDNbT4CSE]

Mitzi – Brisbane, Australia

[youtube id=97vn4cskBZ0]

 Nobody Beats the Drum – Amsterdam, Netherlands

[youtube id=PMBHVZArNyo]

Pokey LaFarge & the South City Three – St. Louis, Missouri

[youtube id=rOzmOZQdcYY]

The Rocketboys – Austin, Texas

[youtube id=SK9CU74Y1bo]

Royal Canoe – Winnipeg, Canada

[youtube id=FHzYZyZyKQ0]

Star & Micey – Nashville, Tennessee

[youtube id=R26Wub7_mTQ]

Swear and Shake – Brooklyn, New York

[youtube id=VjwKRNUJUX0]

Tall Ships – Falmouth, England

[youtube id=4JYt3eYDQY0]

T Bird & the Breaks – Austin, Texas

[youtube id=pgSSR6_N_aI]

The Warlocks – Los Angeles, California

[youtube id=ByvdsitgrE8]

Wild Cub – Nashville, Tennessee

[youtube id=v1aCiI2U9Vw]

Zion I – Oakland, California

[youtube id=HhTWwtMfbH4]