FREEKFEST 2013 – 9/13 at New Earth Music Hall – Athens, GA


The first annual FREEKFEST is schedule to take place at New Earth Music Hall in Athens on Friday, September 13th. From the looks of that poster, you can already imagine how much fun it’s going to be…yes, lots of shirtless, leather-clad hipsters ready to go into battle..

But in all seriousness, FREEKFEST has quite the lineup for its inaugural year (and for being only a $3.00 ticket). Athens’ darlings Dana Swimmer share co-headlining duties with Charlotte dreamboats Junior Astronomers. We’d be sold on that lineup alone for $3.00 but the FREEKLIFE team decided that wasn’t enough and so they added a handful other other bands from around the city including Nuture, who was previously on one our compilations.

Heyrocco joins the lineup, bringing offerings of fireworks from the Palmetto State, along with Macon’s own sunDollar and a few other acts.

More than ten bands for $3.00 is nearly unheard of these days so if you’re in the area, don’t pass up the opportunity to see them. Yet another reason why we love Athens…

Junior Astronomers – “Before Crimes” – for SceneSC

[youtube id=Uh3p8ffF-G0]