Savannah Stopover 2012: A Retrospective

If you caught a glimpse of our preview post for Savannah Stopover, you knew how excited we were for such an event to go down in our home state. For being such an artistically oriented city, Savannah routinely gets bypassed by bands travelling the corridor of I-75 between all things North and Florida. The festival, set up as a communal gathering of bands heading to Austin for SXSW has grown into quite an impressive get-together over the past few years, culminating with the most recent festival. Our photographer Creigh Lyndon took a break from his routine of woodworking and house-partying to check in with the Stopover crowd and get some excellent shots of the event. Do yourself the big favor of giving them a look over and marking your schedule for 2013’s fest. Not a chance in the world things will be ending anytime soon with events like this going on…

Highlights include Dinosaur Feathers, Oberhofer, Jon Lindsay, Little Tybee, River Whyless, General Ogelthorpe and the Pan Handlers and much more!