Forecastle Festival 2014 Lineup Preview

Forecastle_2014_Logo_VertJuly has much more to celebrate now besides America. crew will be returning to Louisville, KY to frolic in the bluegrass at this year’s Forecastle Festival – our third year in a row!. Starting in 2002, Forecastle was only a little neighborhood, now tens of thousands of fans from all over the country flock to the Bluegrass state. Scheduled for July 18th-20th, some might say it’s a bigger party than the Kentucky Derby, but of course, they haven’t been to the Derby. The headliners this year are Outkast, Jack White, and Beck, catering to all ears young and old(ish). Not only are the headliners awesome, the whole lineup is a list of kick-ass up and newcomers. Here’s a list of our highlights:

Waxahatchee: The songs may seem little, but Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, is a force to be reckoned with. Coming from a musical family (her twin sister is in the band Swearin’), Crutchfield is no stranger to intimate performances even in large settings. She’ll definitely create a family out of the thousands of fans with her music.

Black Lips: Jared Swilley started New Forces at WREK 91.1 FM in Atlanta, the radio station I used to work at. So it’s only customary that I mention them coming to Forecastle. The ATLien punks are known for their very…unorthodox performances, and Louisville won’t know what hit them when they come in. Get ready to mosh and roll with this wild boys.

Lucius: Lucius is known for their duo of singers, and their charming demeanor. Expect a charismatic performance dusted with retrogressional flair. The band’s chemistry will rub off as they perform their new and older material, and NPR’s statement about their charm will come into view.

tUnE-yArDs: tUnE-yArDs creates her music right on the spot, from her drum loops to her melodies. Her creations are fresh and raw, making her performances seem like tigers, no two are alike. She’s releasing her next album in May, which means that we’ll get to hear more creativity from our artistic miss.

Against Me!: Against Me! has been around the block for many years, and their always a festival staple all over the country. Their clean garage rock sound has been welcomed to the festival circuit since their beginning, and they still got it. This will bring out the old rockers out of fathers and sons alike, or daughters in my case. This will be one of my favorite sets.

If you’re going to Forecastle, come find me! I’ll love to hear your favorite show, and where you’re going next.