Bonnaroo 2014 Lineup Preview

bonnaroo 2014The Southeast’s biggest music festival is coming up in a few months over the extended weekend of June 12th-15th, and I’m going to be there all four days with After the amazing time our crew had in 2013, I’m excited to make it to the farm and you can bet I’ll be there sweating with you guys,

Bonnaroo is a powerhouse of festivals this side of the Mississippi, bringing heavy hitters as their headliners as well as bringing in up and coming nobodies that become somebodies after their performance. Blue Indian will be taking the trek to Manchester, TN to sweat with the thousands of fans that come from all over the country, and all over the world, to this little town in Appalachia. All for the name of music.

The headliners this year have made a large amount of controversy, and by headliners, we mean Kanye West. But what is anything with Kanye West without a little controversy? However, my headliner of choice is one that most people wouldn’t really consider:

Phoenix: Phoenix is one of those rare bands that sound like their records. I’m serious. This band is really a sight to see. Like some of the older, more seasoned bands, Phoenix only has to just show up and have a good time for the fans to have an even better time.

One thing that I have learned when going to a music festival is that it’s not about the headliners. It’s about discovering your next favorite band. Here are some smaller bands to give you a sense of musical wanderlust.

Chromeo: Something about Chromeo’s music screams “Modernized Marvin Gaye wrapped in funky samples coated in sex appeal.” They have done collaborations with lots of indie greats, but their new tracks will get you dancing. This will be a good concert to go with your festie sweetheart. There might be a little tenderoni afterwards ;).

Little Dragon: Little Dragon has been around the block in the indie rock as well as the trip hop scene. Their collabs with SBTRKT have become instant lounge hits. I have not seen this group live, but I am intrigued to see how they are live.

Cherub: Cherub cranks out awesome club tracks, meaning that their show would be one big dance party. As you can tell, I love my shows to be one giant party after another. It’s more fun that way, and Cherub would be a fun show to dance and be merry at. Not to mention they would have a sick light show.

Those are my choices for Bonnaroo. I hope to see you there, so go ahead and purchase your tickets NOW!