Stage at BRAGG JAM 2012

I’m pleased to announce that for the second year in a row, will be sponsoring a stage at the Bragg Jam 2012 Festival Concert Crawl in Macon, Georgia. As “Georgia’s Indie Music Hub”, we’ll be hosting three of our favorite bands from Georgia, as well as one of North Carolina’s most buzz worthy bands of the past year.

Bragg Jam has grown from an unorganized and spur-of-the-moment pub crawl put on by friends in 1999 to a full scale music festival with 46 bands on 12 stages around the city for one night of incredible live music.

Tickets are only $20.00 for a general festival admission and will be available at every venue the day of the festival. Make sure to check out the complete lineup here because there are plenty more acts worth your time and a little something for everyone.

I figured I could give you all a rundown of the bands that are playing Stage at The 567 Gallery in case you felt like hanging out with us for the night. See you Saturday, July 28th!

5:45pm-6:30pm – WoolFolk

WoolFolk came from the countless hours that friends Michael Suhr and Brantley MacFie spent playing guitar together after school would get out. Whether at their friend’s houses or around the downtown, they slowly began to hash out a set of songs that demanded a full band behind them. Things came together in an organic fashion and friends started sitting in on practice sessions, contributing to the songs the pair had written and eventually a full set of music was theirs. While the group has played numerous shows around the area together, their true spirit is best found at the occasional house show that they’ll throw. These guys are young and they’ve got a ways to go before they’re going to be completely comfortable with the stage, but their music is choc-full of angsty-Southern progressions and stop/start staccatos. FFO: Wilco, My Morning Jacket, The Avett Brothers

[youtube id=eJa0eo7bR9Q]

7:30pm – 8:15pm – River Whyless writer Hannah Cook said of River Whyless: ” Based on their newest release A Stone, a Leaf, an Unfound Door, River Whyless sees what is so special about Appalachia and has garnered that appreciation with music that is both technically gifted and aesthetically sound. There are many reasons for this. The quartet consists of a graduate of the Appalachia State School of Music and a classically trained violinist, not to mention their hometown of Boone, North Carolina rests atop the Appalachian Mountains—they could see it all.” River Whyless returned to Macon this past June for an intimate house show for a few friends of and we were all impressed at how comfortable they were with each other, their music and the crowd that had gathered. You can expect a release of the entire set within the next few months. These four are surely a rarity in the crowded world of music we’re a part of. FFO: The Head and The Heart, Noah and the Whale, The Decemberists

[youtube id=WM0LiHEvD5E]

9:30pm – 10:15pm – Little Tybee

I can’t exactly remember when or where I came across Little Tybee. I feel like for the longest time they were one of those groups who’s names sat somewhere in the back of my mind, waiting for me to actually acknowledge them and realize what I was missing out on. I’m even a bit embarrassed that it took me so long to put their record in my stereo but I have since effectively worn the CD down to where it skips every thirty seconds or so. It’s no wonder why everyone from Paste to SXSW has featured this Atlanta-based five piece among the ranks of their various “Best Of” lists. Their recent project with Tom Haney wound up being one of the most recognized videos at the recent SXSW Film Festival and their video for the song “Nero” has received massive acclaim as well. I would place these guys at one of my top picks of the entire festival.

FFO: (Their YouTube channel recommends everyone from Steely Dan to Fall of Troy to Gabrielle Aplin, so…)

[youtube id=wQ5rYCy9hRs]

11:30pm – 12:15am – Cult of Riggonia

Cult of Riggonia might possibly be too weird for Macon. Or Macon might be too weird for Cult. Either way, the group packed up camp at their long time home/venue/studio/sanctuary of Riggonia and made their way up to Athens for more suitable stomping grounds (They actually left because school is important and they realize this). That being said, they’ve found an equally supportive crowd in Athens and have been hard at work on new material. You shouldn’t let my opening statements about these guys dissuade you from seeing them. They wouldn’t be on this lineup if we didn’t feel they were worthwhile, it’s just that the Riggonians aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of live performance that many artists find themselves constrained to so often. And to seal the deal, these guys actually know what they’re doing, so don’t expect a disorganized or dissonant set. Not all of the Riggonian’s is as accessible as their recent material but it’s worth looking into. The bottom line is you’re going to have fun. Wear something loose. FFO: Yeasayer, Animal Collective, early Dan Deacon.

[youtube id=TJxOg2EPxQg]