American Roommates: Macon Show Review

I stopped by The Hummingbird this past Friday to catch American Roommates and Piano. Going into the show, I hadn’t heard of either band , but I was excited at the chance to hear some original acts. There was a healthy crowd, and both acts put on great shows.DSC_0150

The first band, American Roommates, started off with “The Shed”, an upbeat song with a strong groove that really caught my attention. From the beginning, the band made it clear that they planned to come out swinging, and the rest of their set was filled with interesting moments. The dynamic jumps of the chorus of “Five Ugly Kids”, and unexpected stops and short breaks in “All is Well” that created a fresh vibe. Colorful splashes of guitars, tasteful instrumental passages–all wrapped in a style that seemed messy at a glance, but in reality was a product of a tight group of musicians. With guitars soaked in reverb, and wild, growly vocals, American Roommates brought an energetic, quasi-psychedelic rock sound that set them apart from a lot of acts that come through Macon. I’d enjoy seeing them again, and I hope they’ll make it back down for another show sometime very soon.

American Roommates’ first release, Tomahawk EP, is out now. Check out their song “The Shed” on Soundcloud.