Photos & Video: The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger @ The Earl

[youtube id=_6VjRKZVjDw]

Video courtesy Jym Davis & William Haun, Photos by William Haun

Sean Lennon made it clear years ago that he could stand on his own as an incredibly talented musician and didn’t need to rely on his parents’ fame to succeed. However, it has literally been years since we’ve heard new material from him. In 1998, he released his well-received solo album Into the Sun and didn’t follow with another full-length album until eight years later in 2006. Then he disappeared from the music scene for another four years.

2010 marked his triumphant return as The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (often referred to as The GOASTT), a collaboration with his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. In October, they released their debut album Acoustic Sessions on Chimera Music to great reviews. On their tour they are supported by CJ Camerieri, a Brooklyn-based trumpeter, best known for playing the lead in Sufjan Stevens’ horn section.

The couple entertained the crowd with not only great music but with hilarious stage banter between songs. Muhl is originally from Atlanta and felt at ease performing for the first time in her hometown. Her family was amidst the large crowd and towards the end of their set she even had her best friend since age 3 join her on stage to sing a couple duets with her.

Here’s hoping Lennon doesn’t take four more years before sharing more of his musical talents!