Photos & Videos: Megan Jean & the KFB – Live @ The 567

Walk around downtown Macon on a hopping Friday night and you’d think South Carolina-based Megan Jean & the KFB were a favorite local band. On numerous occasions I’ve spotted several people wearing her band’s merch when she isn’t even in town playing. I even saw a dad at my kid’s gymnastics class reppin’ for MJ&KFB with their t-shirt – 5-year-old’s gymnastics for goodness’ sakes!

The band is the perfect bar band. Raw, raucous, and ready to compete with noisy patrons for attention. Once Jean starts beating on her washboard, even the most inebriated shut up and turn their heads.

The 567’s ambience is much more that of a coffee shop than a bar. In fact, the only buzz you will get there is from the caffeine (and maybe a sugar buzz if you drink enough of their Yoohoos). That laid back atmosphere and room full of quiet, attentive listeners threw Megan off at first. “You guys are so well behaved!” she exclaimed.

Just like in the bars, Megan’s commanding vocals and intense (even comic) facial expressions had every eye in the place on her. Between songs she kept their attention with funny banter and playful bickering with her husband and musical partner Klay. Be sure to watch the last clip below, “Spider” for a taste of her entertaining personality as she recounts a recent story of sleeping next to an African Emperor Scorpion.

Enjoy the photos and videos below and stay tuned for an upcoming two song Acoustic Alley set with Megan Jean & the KFB.

Megan Jean & KFB – Welcome To the Big Top

[youtube id=dWvsi5OO4fk showinfo=0]

Megan Jean & KFB – Cemetery Man

[youtube id=R9YrySRiZgI showinfo=0]

Megan Jean & KFB – Spider (new, unreleased song)

[youtube id=o9SVpnBz5cw showinfo=0]