Show Photos: ATLAS GENIUS @ Atlanta’s Tabernacle, 02/14/13

Atlas Genius performs at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on Februa

Atlas Genius performs at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA on FebruaWith their debut LP “When It Was Now” hot off the press, Atlas Genius is rocking the US on a massive tour with Nico Vega and Imagine Dragons.

When the band took the stage at The Tabernacle on Valentine’s Day there was very little time for banter between songs as the group churned through the songs off their new album in their short set.

Following Nico Vega’s insane energy and preceding the much anticipated Imagine Dragons is a tough spot to be in. The three Jeffrey brothers (and keyboardist Darren Sell) matched the meticulously crafted production of their studio album with technical prowess live on stage. Lead vocalist and guitarist Keith Jeffery didn’t miss a note and couldn’t hold back a smile when fans recognized a song and sang or “ooo-ed” along (most notably “Trojans” and “If So”).

These Aussies are making the most of their second tour and still have dozens of dates scheduled. While all their dates with the blockbuster act Imagine Dragons are sold out, you can still catch them at various venues and festivals through July. Check out the “Tour” page on their site.