Show Review + Photos: SHOOK FOIL @ The Hummingbird, Macon, GA

I met Shook Foil sometime last year at a house show celebrating Grafton’s (a writer for TBI) birthday. They were quiet but friendly and ambled around until it was time for them to play. The members of the four piece, who call Atlanta home, clearly were most comfortable on stage together but were able to connect with everyone in the audience in a way they hadn’t prior to the show. I left a fan of the guys but was unable to see them again until recently, when they came to the Hummingbird with our recent “Band of the Month”, Wowser Bowser.

The Hummingbird doesn’t always attract a crowd that seems too keen on indie rock, so the majority of the people that were there already had either gotten their drinks and gone outside or were occupied with something else. They eventually each took the stage, one-by-one, building upon the opening chords of guitarist/singer Aaron Hodgin, until they had built up a massive sound that quickly turned into the first of their many jangling and melodic tunes.

By the time they had finished a few tracks from their most recent EP, Little Significance, the two dozen or so people that were up front paying attention made no plans of leaving. They each conveyed a humble sense of modesty that I’ve too often come to find is lacking in the music world. After making their way through a few of their older songs plus a flawless and crafty rendition of “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”, they made their way off the stage, leaving a charmed and very receptive crowd.

I was surprised when speaking with them afterwords that they consider themselves homebodies in the sense of touring and playing shows. “We’ve done Alabama a few times, but other than that we tend to stick around our state. That’s not to say that we don’t want to branch out, but we’ve got a good thing going here that can grow into a better thing and hopefully when that does, we’ll be in the position to get out on the road”, said Aaron.

Shook Foil is a band deserving of your time and your money if you wish to spend it. I think they probably gave away a dozen copies of their album that night and sold one or two. There’s a strong sense of honesty and compassion in what they do and I’ve got a good feeling it’s only going to grow. Stay up to date with where they’re playing and do whatever you can to see them live.