VIDEOS: Lost in the Trees’ Forgotten Macon Acoustic Set + New LP

Almost exactly a year ago, Macon got a visit by a group from Chapel Hill, North Carolina called Lost in The Trees. You may be familiar with them if you keep up with Takeaway Shows or NPR, and if you’ve been able to see them live you’ll know that there set is as much musical talent as it is performance art.

Ari Picker and his crew stopped in town as part of a short South Eastern tour with friends Butterflies as opening support  and on this particular night, the smaller stage at the Gallery could not keep up with the lively force that is LiTT and our power began clipping during their set. The issue got worse and worse as they worked through their second or third song and finally they took a break so that we could fix the issue (or at least come up with an alternate solution).

Eventually the Trees decided that they were going to perform the rest of their set on acoustic instruments in the middle of the venue floor with the audience circling them. While this was far from what we had hoped would be a solution, it proved to be one of the most hauntingly pretty and personal sets we saw last year. 

Album Art

LiTT announced recently that they will be releasing a follow-up to their acclaimed 2010 release All Alone In An Empty House on March 20th via Anti Records. The band announced via their Facebook & Anti that the album would be titled A Church That Fits Our Needs. We were going through backlogs and realized these videos were left waiting to be drafted until now and we couldn’t think of a better time to post them. You can read more about the upcoming release or listen to the first single from the album, “Red”, here.

Here’s a short video from the band themselves regarding the upcoming release but make sure to check out the three incredible videos below:

[youtube id=vn53zJKqXGI] [youtube id=uFksx720Nh0] [youtube id=4QTvqOBbTD4]