Videos & Photos: Valley Maker @ The 567

So after Austin Crane’s side-project, “Valley Maker,” became such a hit around the blogosphere and the Southeastern part of the United States and perhaps further, the frontman, Austin, and the rest of the band decided to officially change the name of the band to Valley Maker. So, unlike our videos indicate here, the band is no longer Austin Crane, but Valley Maker. But that’s besides the point now. It’s time for you to enjoy this footage that you’ve all been asking about. Recently put on a show at The 567’s main stage in Macon, GA, Valley Maker co-headlined with Frontier Ruckus by performing a lovely set accompanied by the always amazing, Amy Godwin. Here are a few videos for you to check out from the night.

Buy the vinyl from Valley Maker’s debut, self-titled record here:

[youtube id=cGOLJ6lqhXQ] [youtube id=oiGIB5h5vj8]