Show Review + Photos: CUSSES at The Dollhouse – Savannah, Georgia – May 23rd

After spending the last few months on a national tour, Savannah’s hometown heroes CUSSES return and make one thing abundantly clear. Their tour schedule has done anything but wear them out and they are still more than ready to get the crowd amped and moving. The trio has only gotten better since hitting the road and it would seem that at this point the sky’s the limit for Savannah’s little band that could.

Set at one of Savannah’s newer venues, the Dollhouse Productions warehouse venue/studio, the show was billed as an all ages end of school party, but it was clear that the beginning of summer vacation wasn’t the only reason for celebration at this show. Not only had CUSSES just returned a nationwide tour but they had also recently been honored as Savannah’s best local punk band and best local rock band in addition to winning best local music video from Connect Savannah’s yearly Best of Savannah lists. Given all this, it’s no wonder that Dollhouse Productions’ cozy venue was packed on the night of the show.

Openers for the night included Grimey, Makeout Club, and Crazy Bag Lady, a trio of local bands with varying sounds. Admittedly, I arrived at the show a bit late and missed Grimey and Makeout Club as a result, however, the general consensus from the crowd was that both bands put on good sets. Crazy Bag Lady put on a set with a tremendous amount of energy and vigor that just couldn’t be stopped. The band’s sound is definitely a big departure from CUSSES, leaning more towards the noisy and thrashy side of punk. That said, there were some stellar breakdowns thrown in and the energy level was through the roof.

By the time CUSSES took to the stage, the audience was packed so closely to the stage that trying to move around was pretty much a futile effort. However, this didn’t keep those closest to the stage from dancing and bouncing with the band as they blazed through their setlist. The only thing more dynamic and shifting than the crowd was the band itself. Having seen CUSSES before, I knew what to expect, and I wasn’t let down. Every member of CUSSES seems to have a hard time stifling their energy while performing which makes for a stellar show every time. Their setlist included staples from their recently released self titled LP, as well as some new surprises and older songs. Their unique brand of loud rock and roll kept everyone moving throughout the entire set. Honestly, it was difficult to tell who was more excited about the show, the crowd or the band itself.

Given their swift rise in popularity, it’s good to know that CUSSES hasn’t (and definitely won’t) forget the community that helped to get them where they are. It’s good to know that there are bands like CUSSES that keep their local music and DIY scenes thriving. That said, make sure to check them out when they hit a city near you for a good time. You can definitely expect to get sweaty and have a great time dancing. For Macon locals, make sure to check them out as part of the great lineup for this year’s annual Bragg Jam Festival in downtown Macon.