’s “AthFest Party Tips”


This past week, all I’ve heard in my head is Carly Simon singing “Anticipation”. It’s nearly here, you guys. AthFest, one of the premier concert crawl festivals in the country, is scheduled to take place starting today (June 19th) until Sunday, June 23rd throughout the city of Athens, Georgia. AthFest happens to be one of my favorite live music events of the year and I’ve learned to relish in the good times that come with it, while avoiding anything that could put a damper on what I like to refer to as “120 Hours of Power”.

We put the word out to friends, managers, promoters, and bands playing AthFest for their “do’s” and “don’ts” on how to make AthFest 2013 (and all that follow it) an experience that you’ll tell those hip little grandkids you swear you’ll never have.

Tickets are still available (see above) for AthFest 2013 – featured more than 100+ bands around the city of Athens.

We love it. 

Party Tip #1 – Sean Pritchard –

DO: Try to drink something without alcohol in it at least every hour or so.

DON’T: Blow smoke into the Mayor’s face if you get introduced to her and her husband late at night (I promise it was an accident).

Party Tip # 2 – Jordan Noel – Ginger Group Designs

DO: See some bands that you’ve never heard of. AthFest is the perfect opportunity for this!

DON’T: Dilly-dally in getting to town early! You never know what you might miss out on and AthFest is known to have crazy, wonderful things going on at night.

Party Tip #3 – John Swint – Modern Skirts/DJ Quincy

DO: Pick up a copy of the schedule and circle every single band you think you want to see.

DON’T: Stress out when you can’t see every single band you circled. You’ll still get to hang out with them at the rest of the awesome shows going on this weekend.

Party Tip #4 – Martian – Cult of Riggonia

DO: Keep the stronjs flowin’.

DON’T: Be smesh. And that’s how you’ll have a good AthFest.

Party Tip #5 – Powerkompany

DO: Bring an extra pair of shoes, some flats or sneakers. Those heels aren’t gonna last all weekend.

DON’T: Walk home barefoot because your heels were killing you and you’re not sure where you are and you’re really drunk and where are those cute heels you wore???***

Party Tip #5 – Ryan Olivera – Manray

DO: Go to the day parties. Many of the venues in town will host parties during the day before the featured shows at night. These are usually a great place to grab a hot dog and check out some great local bands who aren’t on the AthFest lineup.

DON’T: Spend your whole day in one place. You have a wristband…use it.

Party Tip #6 – Grafton Tanner –

DO: Take the time to visit all the art tents and vendors that are set up.

DON’T: Seriously, don’t miss Modern Skirts final show on Friday at 9:00pm on the Pulaski Street Main Stage.

Party Tip #7 – Rachel Allen – Media Relations Coordinator AthFest Educates 

DO: Buy a wristband so you can duck in and out of all the great Club Crawl venues!

DON’T: Drink and drive!!

Party Tip #8 – Cicada Rhythym

DO: Make a new friend in between sets.

DON’T: Go chasing waterfalls….just dance!

Party Tip #9 – Matt Henderson – Dank Sinatra

DO: The Dank.

DON’T: Ask why.

*** It was like they were speaking directly to me with this one.

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