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Tyler James - It took the Fire

Tyler James’ “It Took The Fire”

Sometimes it’s just the feeling that hits you in the beginning. Your mind quickly becomes the judge and the jury. And it takes no time to give a verdict. “Is this good?” you ask yourself. Rarely do you conclude “maybe.” A yes or no comes almost without you knowing. Sometimes you change your mind later, but […]

Q&A with Denison Witmer

A singer/songwriter himself, Arthur Alligood takes advantage of getting to chat with one of his music-idols, Denison Witmer.

Lake - Let's Build a Roof

LAKE’s “Let’s Build a Roof”

I first heard “Don’t Give Up” a couple months ago, which happens to be the third to the last song on this record.  The song made me happy. It made me want to dance and I don’t dance unless its with one of my daughters or my wife. We sometimes put on Josh Rouse’s “Don’t Let Go […]

Q&A with Judd and Maggie

Nashville based brother/sister duo, Judd and Maggie, have put out several solid records over the last couple years. Their most recent release “Kingdom of Noise” is still available for FREE download through Noisetrade. Blue Indian recently had the privilege of interviewing the duo.Jug bands listen up! Blue Indian: Thanks for chatting with Blue Indian. Judd and Maggie: You […]

Sufjan Stevens - The BQE

Sufjan Stevens’ “The BQE”

  HOW IT ALL WENT DOWN So, how many years has it been? I can’t remember. I feel old. Remind me of the story. Once there was a little known fella with an equally obscure name who put out a record about a state. That state was Michigan. The encyclopedic illustrated deer on the album cover couldn’t […]

Q&A with Eric Peters

“I was introduced to Eric Peters’ music two years ago and have been hooked ever since. Eric writes music with his frailities at center stage. His melodies stick with you, but it’s his lyrics that do a number on your soul, reminding you of your own humanity and the hope that lie within. His new […]