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A Picture of Dawson White

Dawson is a writer, actor, and knowledge lover. Much to the dismay of friends and baristas alike, she was not named after the ‘90s teen drama, so don’t even ask. She grew up in Missouri where she was reared on The Eagles and Talking Heads, and spent her younger years reciting their lyrics from her highchair theatre. She’s since grown a few feet, broadened her musical horizons, and relocated to the shining metropolis of Los Angeles where she gets paid to pretend she’s other people. You might recognize her from a slew of music videos and commercials. You might not.  She almost passed out when she saw Robert Smith and likes to assume she is, in some way, related to Jack White. She loves Batman and traveling and hopes to lead a movie-worthy life (complete with killer soundtrack) in which she seamlessly melds the two together.

Dawson White's Latest Contributions

Faye Webster – “Run and Tell”

Holy heartbreak, can we get this girl on Nashville? The folk darling and her melancholic musings (which tiptoe dangerously close to the Twang Line bordering folk and country) belong somewhere between Connie Britton’s hair and Hayden Panettiere’s indiscretions. Maybe we can get rid of Scarlett, that dress-and-boots-wearing-caricature-of-a-country-goodie-two-shoes and insert the quirky, mature, seemingly-no-b.s. Faye Webster […]

One of the Boys — “Pinned up”

When someone’s described to you as “Minnesota famous,” you just don’t know what you’re gonna get. So, when I delved into the works One of the Boys – Midwestern rock goddess Tina Schlieske’s new group – I was, at the very least, skeptical. That said, Pinned Up, the band’s six-song debut album, proved largely unworthy […]

Progress Band – “Shadows in the Shape Of”

TBI’s Dawson White doesn’t think much of Progress Band’s “Shadows in the Shape Of.”

Gringo Star – “Floating Out to See”

“With thirteen songs boasting various concoctions of early rock, the psychedelic, rockabilly, experimental, blues, and good ol’ indie rock, Gringo Star’s third album Floating Out to See will surely pique at least one of your musical interests. ” – DW

ACL Festival 2013: Review + Photo Gallery

“… ACL Festival took what has, in many cases, become a cookie-cutter, commercialized festival experience and remolded it into an updated image of the late ‘60s festival we’ve all dreamed of attending: one with character.” – Dawson White

Caroline Rose – America Religious

“Caroline Rose is everything a queen of Americana should be.” -Dawson White

Buffalo Killers – “Ohio Grass”

Dawson White says of BUFFALO KILLERS’ latest album, “Grow out your beard, bust out your parents’ old tour shirts, and prepare to get transported back to one of the most golden ages of rock.”

Keep Quiet- “Odd New Celebrity”

“Rare as it may be, I found not a single song on 16 I needed to skip; the entire album is a series of wins.” -DW

O’Brother – “Disillusion”

Dawson lends her thoughts on ‘Dissolution’, O’Brother’s newest record that’s due out August 20th on Triple Crown Records