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A Picture of Hannah Cook

Hannah is a self-proclaimed mamaw. Though she’s a graduate of Ohio University, one of the nation’s biggest party schools (head to head with UGA, actually), she prefers to do things like sleep, eat and hang out with animals, especially her cross-eyed cat Monty and a goat she named Duder (who she’s sad to see was once a wee kid but is now a…shall we say, well-endowed buck). While she’s not mourning the loss of her beloved guinea pig, Little Baby Girl, or sleeping or eating, she may be writing an article, struggling to come up with reasons why people should believe her when she says, “this album is really good. You should check it out.”

Currently it’s lambing season in New Zealand so Hannah is there relishing in the large sheep and cow population, interning at the country’s leading agriculture media company, and au pairing for a family of three boys who are lucky they’re so cute because they’ve certainly given her a run for her money. When she’s done with that, she’ll travel around the South Island with her dear mum before returning to Macon to pursue a postgraduate degree in English Education, a slight change of direction from her journalism/anthropology undergraduate major.

Anyway, that’s the plan, at least.

Hannah Cook's Latest Contributions

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