Holly Etchison - Writer

A Picture of Holly Etchison

Wearing her heart on her sleeve, Holly Etchison's interests are art and music.  She reads, writes, takes photographs, and makes earrings out of recycled cans.  She enjoys acoustic-based folk and country music (sad songs say so much), singer/songwriters in the traditions of Bob DylanNeil YoungRickie Lee Jones, Harry Nilsson and Julie Miller but isn't afraid of a little rock and roll.  She believes in new sounds, the kind that can bust through the ceiling, or anything that stirs the spirit.  You could most likely find her wandering in the woods or listening to the latest Wovenhand record.

Holly Etchison's Latest Contributions

Wildwood Revival 2015: Full Gallery + Review

WILDWOOD REVIVAL returned to Watkinsville, GA on August 29th-30th with performances from American Aquarium, Lindi Ortega, and many more!

Fire Mountain – All Dies Down

“‘All Dies Down’. . . is one not to be quickly shelved.” -Holly Etchison

Joshua Stamper – The Skin, the Sea, the Sound

“With nostalgic sensibilities and touches of indie rock, The Skin, the Sea, the Sound,” sneaks up on you with its import,” says Etchison.

John Mark McMillan – Borderland

“Running on the edge, reaching the center, exiled and included, with his Borderland, John Mark McMillan, it seems, has arrived.” -TBI

Ken Will Morton – “Slow Burn”

“Morton, caustic and hopeful, has something to say about the life he’s experiencing and he’s putting it to skilled, if jangly, composition.” -HE

The Get Togethers – “Home as in Houston”

Holly is raving about The Get Togethers’ latest effort, “Home as in Houston.” Check out this record!

Papermoons – “No Love”

“Standing out from the crowd of indie rock offerings in a timely fashion, No love, an identifiable, musically rich elixir for the weary and the hopeful…” -HE

Lowly The Tree Ghost – “Tall Tales”

“Quirkily solid and hopeful, Tall Tales leaves you wondering a bit and interested enough to keep listening.” -HE

Those Lavender Whales – “Parts & Pieces/Goose & Geeses”

Holly says this albums depth “plays like an indie rock Shel Silverstein poem.”