Lee Fowler - Contributor

A Picture of Lee Fowler

Lee lives in East Point, Georgia and teaches high school English in College Park. He is married to Ruth, who good naturedly accompanies him on frequent car trips and switches out compact disks. He likes bands with geographic names (Alabama and Kansas) as well as celestial names (Earth and Starflyer 59), and he really does like the Christian-era Bob Dylan records. When the weather's right, you can find him sitting on the front porch with a fizzy beverage and a book in his hand. He noodles around with a few instruments and attempts to write songs with Tripp Freeman on occasion (who doesn't?). He's one of those 'unprofitable servants' Jesus talks about, and he currently serves as a deacon at East Point Church.

Lee Fowler's Latest Contributions

Vikesh Kapoor – “The Ballad of Willy Robins”

“Dylan’s early years were marked with this type of exploration and hero-imitation. Here’s hoping Vikesh follows the same trajectory.” – Lee Fowler

Lee’s “Top 13 of 2013”

Writer Lee Fowler’s list ranges from Wooden Shjips to Bottomless Pit.

ILLLS – Hideout From the Feeders

Fowler calls ILLLS’ latest effort “earnestly home-recorded manic guitar pop lost in a cave.”

Carnivores – “Second Impulse”

“Carnivores are able to keep in check the psychedelic tendency to hide behind layers of panning stereo effects…. An album with so many elements shouldn’t work this well, but it does.” – Lee Fowler

Bottomless Pit – “Shade Perennial

“Cast the future as the past,” Cohen whispers on “Full of Life.” With Bottomless Pit, you don’t really care if it’s future or past. You’re going to be happy either way. – Lee Fowler

RRest – RRest [Self-Titled]

Listen to this record and “enjoy their insomnia, press your temples to the glass, and take a little drive.” -LF

Terry Malts – “Nobody Realizes This is Nowhere”

Lee says if you know The Ramones, that’s a good starting point for understanding Terry Malts.

Ravenna Arsenal – “Ravenna Arsenal” [Self-Titled]

Are you into psychedelic and classic rock, but the type that “never descend into cover band hijinks”? If so, this is your record.

Army Navy’s – “The Crushed EP”

“. . . this EP finds its creative impetus from a near-deadly car crash.” -LF