Acoustic Alley: Friends of Giants

TBI was first introduced to Friends of Giants (FoG) when they took the stage at the SEVEN DAYS festival in Ybor City this Spring. When they hit the second chorus of their infectiously awesome song “The Circle” they immediately got the seated audience on their feet and dancing (watch it). The entire venue’s atmosphere changed at that moment and the crowd remained lively for the entire duration of their set.

A big part of what sets this band apart from every other local folky pop-rock group is the members’ multi-instrumental talents. In our first ever beach Acoustic Alley set, only three of the five band members were represented, but they still created a rich multi-layered sound with guitar, banjo, kick drum, snare, melodica, xylophone, and pump organ. Oh, and lest I forget… a shaker made of dried goat hooves.

The quintet is currently working on their first LP which they hope to self-release in early 2012. You can download their debut EP for FREE at

Friends of Giants – “The Circle”

[youtube id=WMBU66Ukbk0 showinfo=0]

Friends of Giants – “After Four Years”

[youtube id=fzQlY2RXhpU showinfo=0]