Acoustic Alley: Hussey

Nathan Hussey has become quite familiar with the streets of Macon. He and his band, All Get Out, have carved a niche in the music scene here through their loud and emotional performances over the past three years. When the band came through most recently in May, he and Mel Washington recorded an  Acoustic Alley session featuring (at the time) new songs from their recently released record The Season.

When we finished recording the band’s songs, we started talking with Nathan about a solo project we had heard he was working on. “It’s not that I felt these songs weren’t appropriate to carry over and turn into full-band songs, but more so that they convey messages and imagery that I felt made more sense left at their elemental form”, he told us when we asked about the project. We’ve been sitting on this video for some time now and figured since the band just unveiled their new record, why not give their followers an exclusive look at a different side of All Get Out. Enjoy ! – Sean Pritchard

Nathan Hussey – “All My Friends Are Dead”

[youtube id=XsedvzlNa6A showinfo=0]