Acoustic Alley: Kopecky Family Band

I’ve shot quite a few of these Acoustic Alley performances now and this one is probably my favorite. I had never met Gabe and Kelsey of Kopecky Family Band before and was completely won over by their smiles, cheerfulness, and optimism. You’ll see the extent to which that is true in the outtake video. Most folks wouldn’t welcome an interruption by an inebriated man in the middle of their set, much less have sing-a-long with him. This “family” has heart!

The two songs they choose to play were perfect for the setting that is our alley way. Their whistles and harmonies bounced beautifully down the brick walls of the lane and made Macon’s own songbirds stop chirping for a few minutes to listen and enjoy the tunes.

If you like what you hear, (and I’m sure you will) the band has graciously allowed us to offer mp3 downloads of these two acoustic versions of the songs. You can grab them at the bottom of this post.


[youtube id=tRhGDA4plfE showinfo=0]

“Baby Sister”

[youtube id=blZ-iNEzTK0 showinfo=0]

And now for that bonus outtake I mentioned…

Kopecky Family Sing-a-long with Rockin’ Willy

[youtube id=LWX9ntBKs70 showinfo=0]

Download the songs as mp3s by right-clicking the links below and choose “Save As…”

Kopecky Family Band – Birds (Live in Acoustic Alley)

Kopecky Family Band – Little Baby Sister (Live in Acoustic Alley)