Acoustic Alley: XAVII

Xavii (pronounced Zah-Vee) has been one of my favorite bands from Macon to watch over the past year and a half since I saw their set at’s Showcase 2010. The 4 piece eventually turned into what seemed like an orchestra, all while being accompanied by live artwork and ethereal lighting. The band has gone through some interesting changes over the past year with the loss of one founding member, the addition of a new one and whole set of new material has pushed the band to new heights. We filmed this Acoustic Alley session in an old parking deck in Downtown Macon. The change of scenery made for a more visually and sonically pleasing recording. Later in the day after we filmed, the band played their most well attended show at Macon’s Bragg Jam Music & Arts Festival. Please check out these photos and videos. Enjoy!

– Sean Pritchard
[youtube id=SUJVOwKUvno] [youtube id=9T2e-G6-lCU]