Acoustic Alley: Megan Jean & the KFB

Charleston, South Carolina has developed a strong relationship with the people of Macon, whether they realize it or not. In the past few years, bands like All Get Out, Sequoyah Prep School, and Shovels and Rope have carved a niche in the venues of Downtown Macon. More recently, the eclectic-multi-instrumentalists Megan Jean & The Klay Family Band have made their mark and it’s safe to say that they play as important a role in Macon’s music scene as any of our local bands. Over the past few months, they’ve played in our houses, bookstores, on the streets, in smoke filled bars and quiet all-ages venues but their hard work has payed off. On any day of the week, there’s a good chance that you’ll find someone walking around the city wearing one of their shirts. The dynamic duo was kind enough to play a few songs for us following their most recent show in Macon. Check out what these two have to say and witness our first Acoustic Alley washboard performance!

– Sean Pritchard

Megan Jean & the KFB – “Cemetery Man”

[youtube id=VmFpeATf1AM showinfo=0]

Megan Jean & the KFB – “Little Miss Fortune”

[youtube id=8JJjtGvJAyY showinfo=0]