Acoustic Alley: Wes Tirey

westireyDriving down to Macon all the way from Asheville, NC, Wes Tirey impressed us with his unique brand of acoustic folk and heartfelt lyrics. Luke and I were able to catch up with him downtown before his set at The Rookery and film a couple songs off of his EP I Stood Among Trees, as well as an ode to the late Ohio musician Jason Molina on Wes’s “Home Demos.” It  was a genuine pleasure meeting such a kind-hearted, humble songwriter, and I look forward to what he’ll be doing with his talent in the future.

Wes Tirey – “The Time Leaves So Soon”

[youtube id=d49fUcEglXE showinfo=0]

Wes Tirey – “Goodbye, Darkness (For Jason Molina)”

[youtube id=PcjmUXsrWHQ showinfo=0]

Wes Tirey – “The Evening Tide”

[youtube id=bggDvBZmmWI showinfo=0]