Bragg Jam 2011 Video & Photos – Kopecky Family Band

Coming right off of a very successful debut at this year’s Bonnaroo and a video series of a few live performances at Urban Outfitters, I knew the folks who purchased their armband for this year’s Bragg Jam would be in for a treat. Well I also knew this much because about 2 hours before their set, they were kind enough to perform an Acoustic Alley session with us. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Special stuff. After that Acoustic Alley session, I thought to myself, The Kopecky Family Band has arrived. The band I’ve been waiting to come to Macon for a while now. And there’s no doubt that this year’s Bragg Jam was a major success and Kopecky Family Band had a lot to do with it. As I sat in on their performance, I couldn’t help but notice all of the open mouths in the audience. The band was air tight and overflowing with energy. I saw folks come into the venue obviously having no idea what they were getting into (it was written on their face) and after the first two songs of their set, those same folks were about to come out of their skin. Folks loved this band! We look forward to having them back.

– Luke Goddard

[youtube id=Ym1haiThL2Y]