Bragg Jam 2011 Videos & Photos – Parachute Musical

It is written in the biography section of their website that Parachute Musical is “original and well-rehearsed; they’re so tight you’d swear they were all wearing girdles. These guys are having fun, no doubt about it, and there isn’t another band in Nashville more ready to be taken seriously.” It couldn’t have been said any better. They’re a good-looking bunch whose effect on a college-aged crowd, especially girls, is comparable to that of The Beatles, albeit on a smaller level, of course. When they come to Macon, hundreds of fans pack into whatever venue they’re playing at and throughout the set, it’s not uncommon to hear girls screaming. Once you move past the fact that the band isn’t entirely interested in making girls go nuts, it starts to set in that this band really knows what they’re doing. They know how to lock a crowd in and their pop hooks are sure to be swimming through your head for the next few days (or weeks). Enjoy these photos taken by our very own, William Haun, as well as the video he shot of the band performing their next single off the new record, Back to Life. The new song is called “Kill it Cut it Down.” Oh and as a bonus, we’ve included their new tune, “One Last Song”!

[youtube id=wQuzruBNlb4] [youtube id=K8TFhsUas2E]