Freelance Whales @ The Earl

Freelance Whales are one of those indie bands that seem to be on the cusp of becoming incredibly popular. There must be a ridiculous amount of pressure on them, but I don’t see how they can go wrong. Their pop sounds are so infectious and upbeat that you’ll be singing along before you know it. They give me the kinds of goosebumps I get when listening to a great Sufjan Stevens track or a melodic tune from Múm.

When I saw this group of five perform at The Earl in Atlanta, GA on March 11th they were having as much fun making the music as I was listening to it. Below are some photos from the show, followed by two videos from the concert:

[youtube id=5If5gdgI-aI] [youtube id=iIrLeaD3dhU]

The Blue Indian photographer William Haun was at The Earl in Atlanta, GA on March 11, 2010 and took these photos and video of Freelance Whales’ set.