Noah and The Whale’s “Blue Skies”

Noah and the WhaleSo I’ve been following Noah and The Whale since they’re song, “5 Years Time” aired on a Saturn car commercial here in the US. I remember liking the little jingle when I first heard it and ever since then, I’ve been hooked. Their first full-length, “Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down,” was a solid effort by the indie-Brits whose home is in the beautiful London, England. Some may disagree with me here, but their first record, “Peaceful…” pales in comparison to their latest effort, “”The First Days of Spring,” an ironic title to the excessively dreary record. A bit whiney at times, it is oddly a cool-type of whiney.
You’ll have to listen to the record to fully understand what I mean. Words won’t do it. Charlie Fink, front-man of Noah and The Whale (looks a lot like a Macon native, Ricky Dowdell and sounds like Andy Pena of Dignan), sort of pulls you into his broken heart. The record is about starting over and simply refusing to stop living during a time in which all of the colorful things in life die away. This band is doing something really cool. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I dig it. If you remember, I recently posted a video of Danny Brewer of Besides Daniel singing his recent hit, “Learn How to Fight.” Here’s Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale performing a tune off his recent album that tells a similar story. Enjoy.
[youtube id=FlxhipExS7s]