Laura Gibson – New Label, New Album, New Video, New Single

Photo by Melanie Brown

This news is actually a week old and falls in the “why are we just now finding out!?” category. For some reason, Laura Gibson‘s upcoming album and her recent signing to City Slang (of Arcade Fire, Menomena, and Caribou fame) just quietly slipped by us. That is probably a good analogy for the Portland songstress’ music – quiet and understated, but once you get it you realize how exciting and beautiful it is.

It’s been over two years since her jaw-droppingly awesome (and critically-acclaimed) Beasts of Seasons and since then she treated us to a wonderfully unique collaboration with Ethan Rose. Her January 2012 release of La Grande is welcome news and according to City Slang will take her lovely voice in new directions yet again:

La Grande is a record about strength, and finds Gibson not just crawling, but leaping out of her shell. The album came to form with much encouragement and musical help from Joey Burns of Calexico, The Dodos, and several Portland luminaries.

To hold you over for the next three months as you wait for the album to drop, here is the title track “La Grande” and the music video for the single “Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed.” You can also revisit our photos of Gibson opening for Damien Jurado in Atlanta from our archives. We’re hoping 2012 brings her (and Jurado!) back to Middle Georgia.

Laura Gibson – “La Grande”

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Laura Gibson – “Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed”

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