Live Footage & Photos: Arthur Alligood, Danny Brewer, Molly Parden, and Cory Watkins

This past weekend on Friday, November 12th, The 567’s Gallery Stage hosted’s 1st Annual Writers in the Round, which included the very talented singer/songwriters– Arthur Alligood, Besides Daniel, Molly Parden, and young, up-and-coming, Cory Watkins. This was the very first event at the new Gallery Stage on 533 Cherry Street in Macon, GA. The venue had a nice vibe to it– warm and snug, but with the feel of a cafe with tall tables and chairs. The stage backs up to a wall lined with tall windows peaking over downtown Cherry Street. This unique set-up provides for a great source of entertainment for those roaming the streets of downtown Macon, as the windows were lifted so that the music could run rampant. You can plan for a Writers in the Round each year to be held at this venue. Enjoy the footage and photos from the evening!

Arthur Alligood – “Time You Know”

[youtube id=szEq9PtL2HE]

Arthur Alligood -“Show Some Heart”

[youtube id=CKIkC1FKWII]

Danny Brewer – “Untouched and Burning” (w/ Molly Parden)

[youtube id=OnPJOiFzNl4]

Danny Brewer – “Layers of Grace”

[youtube id=VzRiJff3kdU]

Molly Parden – “Like a Feather”

[youtube id=AeQv5hNLbVY]

Molly Parden – “Lord Have Mercy”

[youtube id=nEE5ZiYNu2o]

Cory Watkins – “Polaroids”

[youtube id=d7KeI6fk-ME]