Manchester on Kimmel and O’Brother to be the Dopest

One of our favorites at The Blue Indian, Andy Hull and his band, Manchester Orchestra, recently destroyed Jimmy Kimmel’s Late Night Show. Ever since Andy was so kind to do an interview (one of the better Blue Indian Q&A’s) with us, I’ve tried my best to keep track of him and his band. It’s certainly no easy task, as the band is probably one of the hottest rock bands out there right now. They’re all over the place.
Another one of our favorites is Favorite Gentlemen’s, O’Brother. Manchester is sort of taking the band under their wing and showing them what life’s like on the road playing to thousands of fans. While O’Brother certainly has tasted the road-life in their consistent years of touring constantly, I’m not so sure they’ve experienced this kind of touring yet. With the exposure they’re getting from touring with Manchester, it’d be pretty bone-headed of me to predict that they’ll be one of the dopest bands in 2010. But yeah, I just predicted it. So there. Eat it. Make it out to one of their shows with Manchester (and later with Thrice). The schedule is below, but before you do that, watch Manchester freakin’ nail it on Jimmy Kimmel.
[youtube id=7QsWBjwBNA8]