New Video: Harrison Hudson – “Curious”

Photo by Andrea Behrends

Photo by Andrea Behrends

'Curious' Album Artwork - by José Guadalupe Posada

‘Curious’ Album Artwork – by José Guadalupe Posada

The last time we spoke with Harrison Hudson was August of 2012. It’s not that we don’t try to keep up with the bands we feature or bring to Macon, but that Harrison and bandmate Shaun Rawlings have been hard at work on what will be the band’s fourth full-length record since their 2006 debut.

Scheduled for release on September 24th, 2013, Curious was recorded by Nashville-based producer and engineer Micah Tawlks (who also worked on American Thunder, the band’s last record) and mixed by Craig Alvin (The Features, Amy Grant) and features Hudson and Rawlings, along with a slew of their closest friends is various accompanying roles.

The first single from the record of the same name was just released, along with a video unlike any of their previous. “We wanted to do something daring. We had a bunch of different ideas but settled on jumping out of a plane,” said Hudson. “It’s that ‘Im terrified but I have to’ idea that we felt embodied the message of the song.”

Curious is available for pre-order now. You have the option to get a limited-edition coke bottle clear vinyl (pressing of 300) + a digital download or a CD/digital download. The record will be self-released in partnership with their longtime label, Favorite Gentlemen Records. Enjoy the thrill seeking video for “Curious”.

[youtube id=c7vIj6D6aNU]