Photos & Video: LOWER DENS Live @ The Earl

Lower Dens made waves last year with their debut Twin-Hand Movement; showing up on venerable Top Ten lists like Gorilla vs. Bear and NPR Music. They are currently spreading their unique brand of drone rock across the nation as they tour with pals Wye Oak and Deerhunter.

The Blue Indian caught the band in Atlanta where they were scheduled to open for Wye Oak but surprised (and delighted) everyone when Bradford Cox and his crew showed up. Word got out via Twitter that Deerhunter was filling in for Wye Oak and the Sunday night show sold out in a matter of hours. Cox explained during his set with Deerhunter that he and his group agreed that Lower Dens was probably their favorite band – now that’s an endorsement with some serious indie cred!

Here is a video and some photos from their show on Sunday, March 13, 2011 at The Earl in Atlanta, GA.

Lower Dens – “Tea Lights” (Live in Atlanta, 03/13/11)

[youtube id=JpX8k_zhmN0]