Video & Photos: FRONTIER RUCKUS @ The 567

Making their debut in Macon, GA, Frontier Ruckus, before the night was over, was the talk of the crowd. All five of the members have college degrees from the University of Michigan and Michigan State, yet are fully comfortable with putting their professional careers on hold indefinitely as the continue to experience such success with their music. Before signing to the thriving indie label, Ramseur Records, the band released its debut full-length record, The Orion Songbook, through Quite Scientific Records in November 2008. In 2010 the band toured extensively, including a month-long European tour and a performance at Bonnaroo Music Festival, for which Rolling Stone listed the band as one of their “Essential Sets.”  Deadmalls and Nightfalls, their second full-length album, was released July 20 via Ramseur Records. Frontier Ruckus is centered on the lyrically intensive songs of Matthew Milia, and was formed by Milia and banjo player David (Davy) Winston Jones while living in Metro Detroit. Versions of several new songs off their latest record were released through a Daytrotter session on February 14, 2010.

As you’ve seen previously, we posted a video of the band performing “Ontario” from their set at The 567’s Main Stage, but here, we’re posting what was perhaps the most special part of their set. After some drunk idiot in back of the venue jokingly yelled, “You’re too loud,” frontman Matthew Milia, reacted sharply (such a funny part of the night) by bringing the band off the stage and into the middle of the crowd to play 2 or 3 songs acoustically. What a brilliant move and a great way to end what was an amazing set by this American-Folk Rock band from Michigan.

[youtube id=Iz2iOIkysk4]