Back City Woods’ “The Dirt From Which We Came” [Album Review + Release Party]

“Get ready for a record that deserves a foot-stomping, hand-clapping good time.” -SP

Sean Pritchard
Back City Woods The Dirt From Which We Came

out of 10

Back City Woods
The Dirt From Which We Came
April 15, 2011

If you’re from Macon or the surrounding area and have anything to do with the Downtown music scene then you’re probably already acquainted with Back City Woods. The alternative/Americana band played their first show together in April of 2010 as part of the College Hill Soapbox Derby from the front porch of friend Dan Zook’s house to a very eager and sunburnt audience. After their successful introduction to the city, they got set in with Macon Noise’s Clark Bush to record a 3 song demo to send to clubs and began playing a slew of shows around Macon and the Middle Georgia area. The band built up a strong reputation with fans for an energetic and entertaining live show with their performances at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom and The Rookery. After sharing the stage with bands like These United States, Megan Jean & The KFB, and Packway Handle Band, it was time for them to settle down, refine the songs that they had been playing and work out their new tracks to record an EP. The band went into the studio in January with Rob Evans of Star Motel Studios (Hank Vegas) in Macon and finished mid-March with mastering by Drew Vandenberg (Chase Park Records).

Their newest and first EP, Dirt From Which We Came immediately displays progression and sincere interest for the music they’re making. The title track kickstarts the record with a frantic and complex mix of guitar, fiddle, piano, and bass before dropping into a full fledged, double time get down, complete with group vocals and a chorus that has been stuck in my head all week. “Thinking” and “Promises” immediately reminded me of Old Crow Medicine Show or earlier Avett Brothers. This record moves quickly to say the least. I had to sit down and listen to it 3 or 4 times through before I even knew where to begin but it hits hard and leaves a lasting impression. These guys are talented and they clearly love what they’re doing and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. “Long Time Coming” and “Nothing For Me Here” carry a similar feel as the previous tracks but that’s not to say that they don’t hold their own. “Dirt” is an EP that really divulges into exposing the nuances of their music and the band has been hard at work to make sure that this carries over for their live shows. The EP ends with “August 1993,” a track that builds upon itself into a jangling, vibrant chorus. I found myself envisioning Emmy Lou Harris or Jenny Lewis or even Loretta Lynn providing some sort of backing vocals for this track. They’ve got a ways to go before anything like that happens but these guys are on the right track.

Back City Woods will be releasing their debut EP with a giant celebration at The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom in Macon on Friday, April 15th. From the good times I’ve had the few times I’ve seen them before, I know this is going to be a night to remember. They’ll be joined onstage by friends Dan Zook (MagTard), dh. (nomenclature, floridians), and recent compilation artist Floco Torres. I’m sure that Jubee will wind up with a microphone at some point, too. Just saying. If you’re lucky enough to pick up a copy of the EP at the show, the first 200 pressings (limited) will include a bonus track titled “My Way In Life” that I have thoroughly enjoyed. If you’ve seen them before, you’ll be glad they finally recorded it. Most importantly, get ready for a record that deserves a foot-stomping, hand-clapping good time.