Pomegranates’ “One of Us”

TBI’s Beth Yeckley is digging Pomegranates new record– calling ‘flawless dreampop.’

Beth Yeckley

out of 10

One of Us
October 25, 2010
Afternoon Records

Pomegranates release an album that is mesmerizing and refreshing, with an overall feel-good vibe that seems legit. It’s an energy album, hypnotic and exploding with dream pop that will leave a smile on your face (and maybe a slight haze on your mind… but the good kind).

One of Us sounds like it should be an experimental venture, but this album presents a flawless hypothesis on the world of dream pop that flushes out on the money. To really appreciate the album and absorb all its complexities, you need to give it a committed listen… there are so many layers, surprises, and truly enjoyable moments that you have to listen from start to finish, or you’ll probably miss something wonderful.

The album ends with “Skull Cakin’” and “Into the Water, Into the Air;” both songs stray far from the rest of the album, possessing grittier, faster paced, and more lo-fi accessible arrangements and vocals. Highlights on the album are “One of Us,” “White Fawn,” and “Create Your Own Reality.”