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Once upon a time, Beth Yeckley recruited a team of writers and laid the foundation for what is now one of The Blue Indian's strongest features: Album Reviews. After a year and a half hiatus, she is back as a contributing writer.

Beth says the greatest band that she's discovered through working with is Austin Crane / Valley Maker. Follow her at @BethYeckley on Twitter and Instagram.

Beth Yeckley's Latest Contributions

Beth’s “Top 13 of 2013”

Long-time TBI writer Beth Yeckley looks back on her favorite 13 albums of 2013.

Star Anna – “Go To Hell”

Treat yourself to ‘Go To Hell’, the Spark & Shine Records debut from STAR ANNA – a performer Mike McCready touts as “an original American star”

Washed Out – “Paracosm”

Beth Yeckley weighs in on Washed Out’s upcoming Sub Pop release – ‘Paracosm’ – and how it’s his most welcoming yet. Out everywhere 8/13

ALPINE – “A Is For Alpine”

“…this is going to be a super fun ride on the back of a pop album that’s genuinely laid back, boasts nice depth in its layering, and delivers a solid first go around for Alpine.”

Liz Longley live at Eddie's Attic 4/22/12

Show Review: Liz Longley @ Eddie’s Attic 4/22/12

I had no intentions of writing a show review about her but I couldn’t help myself. -BY

Chad VamGaalen

Interview with Chad VanGaalen

Our very own, Beth Yeckley, sits down with Chad VanGaalen to chat about his new album and much more!

The Builders and The Butchers

7 Minutes in Heaven with: The Builders and The Butchers

In this 7MIH, Beth chats with The Builders and The Butchers.

La Sera

7 Minutes in Heaven with: La Sera

In this 7MIH, Beth chats with La Sera.

rave Irene

7 Minutes in Heaven with: Brave Irene

In this 7MIH, Beth chats with Brave Irene.