sunDollars – ‘sunDollars EP’

“sunDollars’ debut EP asserts that the Macon-based band is ready to go beyond the Peach State lines and share their gifts with all those who’ll listen.”

Sarra Sedghi

out of 10

March 23rd, 2013

sunDollars’ debut EP asserts that the Macon-based band is ready to go beyond the Peach State lines and share their gifts with all those who’ll listen. Give yourselves a bunch of pats on the back, guys, because this EP is a great debut.

The EP starts nicely, with “Fine Art,” a lighthearted and sunny track, especially with the use of synth and Patrick McAfee’s voice, and contains one of my favorite lyrics, “put yourself in some little piece that Escher penned / like a flight of stairs that never ends.”

 “Weekends” runs the risk of slightly cheesy near the beginning (mainly because of the sequence of “la’s” after the first chorus). However, Jacob Bruner’s unique voice makes up for it, “and Weekends” gains momentum in its latter half, especially the bridge leading to the last bit of the song.

“At Our Pace, Who Needs Hands?” –  is several parts fun, a pinch of psychedelic, and just sounds really good, okay? There are a lot of good sounds going on in the background, and I can’t listen to this song without wiggling around.

“Legs Like Jellyfish,” sunDollars’ first single, is easily one of the strongest tracks on the EP and in the running for my favorite; it’s either this or “An Open Window” – I still can’t decide. The harmonies on “Legs Like Jellyfish” really make the song for me, especially in the first verse, where Stephen Coley’s lower voice runs along the rest of the voices in the band. Even though the young band recorded this EP at home, this song sounds very developed. This is the song that keeps getting stuck in my head.

The final track, “An Open Window,” is definitely the right end to the ep. The way the guitar and drums work here with Coley’s occasional classic rock-esque screams make the song sound like its straight out of the late 1970s. Honestly it makes me want to jump into my car, blast this song, and drive into a sunset, because I just feel like that is the most appropriate place for it.

sunDollars’ strongest qualities are their mastery of harmony and the combination of instruments they use. I have already mentioned this in “Legs Like Jellyfish,” but good harmonies also exist towards the end of “Weekends” and occasionally, in “An Open Window.” And as far as the instruments go, I think you can listen to any of the tracks on the album and agree that the unique combinations sunDollars uses sound are as important to their style as their lyrical ability.

“But it’s getting warmer by the day, and I can feel the sun” – this EP is sunlight, good times, and great music, and it will definitely last you through the summer months and out of the heat.

The band recently held a supporting slot at Mercer University’s annual free festival – Bearstock – and will be heading out for a short SE tour later this summer, culminating with a co-headlining performance at Bragg Jam 2013.