A Blue Indian Update from Luke Goddard

Luke Goddard Slide Splash - Update

Dear Readers:

Thank you so much for making our 4 months in 2009 so special. It’s hard to believe TheBlueIndian.com has only been alive for 5 months now. Seems like an eternity. I’m extremely looking forward to a great 2010. Mark my words, TheBlueIndian.com will be big in 2010. Tons of great interviews are coming your way.Because I’ve had to juggle the responsibilities of being a husband, a full-time employee, and a die-hard Braves fan, I haven’t been able to post as many articles as I’d like the past month and a half. Please don’t think I’ve neglected my own site. Just trying to sort everything out. In 2010, expect more interviews, more record reviews, and way more “blogging.” I feel like TheBlueIndian.com has been good at giving you tons of quality interviews, but we lack very much in the review and blogging department, especially lately. So, definitely more “blurbs” coming your way in 2010.

Also, another big part of TheBlueIndian.com’s plans in 2010 is a sort of new facet of the The Blue Indian called, “TheBlueIndian.com Presents.” A dear friend of mine, Sean Pritchard, has volunteered, on his own accord, to head that up. If you’re a band looking to book a show on your way down the coast, contact Sean. Sean is a very busy man, as he has to juggle several jobs, including being All Get Out’s manager, as well as the man behind “TheBlueIndian.com Presents.” I have it easy. I just show up to these amazing shows the site puts on. Sean is doing a fabulous job with these shows.

Oh and don’t let me forget to mention that I’ll have my hands dirty doing some promotional/managerial/booking work for a very talented little indie band called Besides Daniel. If you’re a band and would like to play some shows with Besides Daniel in 2010, email me HERE. If you’re a venue that would like to host them, email me HERE.

Okay, to wrap it up, I have a few requests for you, my awesome readers.

  • Please follow The Blue Indian’s twitter HERE.
  • Please stay up to date with “TheBlueIndian.com Presents” HERE.
  • Please tweet, re-tweet, Facebook, Tumblr, etc the latest TheBlueIndian.com Promo Vid:
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