Support Besides Daniel

Where do the boundaries fall when an artist’s personal life explodes into their art? Unavoidably, the boundaries may exist no more. And usually, it’s just a sloppy mess. And if the art is good, that sloppy mess is a beautiful thing. The shocking nakedness of a stranger makes us feel like we are not too different after all. The vulnerability of the last video post from Besides Daniel has astounded many, and infuriated some. Promptly deleted after a few short days of air time, Danny has decided to again upload the much demanded footage. His resolve is to let those who can appreciate it do so. In the first few hours of swallowing the loss of a two year love, he sat alone with only his loss and wrote this song, entitled, “Learn How to Fight.” Some would call this song an exploitation of a delicate circumstance, but they would be mistaken.  Even with such grief, Danny Brewer will move on. As the owner of this site, I ask that if you are touched by this song, please tweet, re-tweet, email, and Facebook (etc) the video to support a vulnerable artist who refuses to stop. Some songwriters write to make a living, some can’t live without writing.