Arcade Fire’s New Interactive Music Video

It’s always refreshing to see ground-breaking artists using ground-breaking technology to creative beautiful and conceptual work.

Famed music video director Chris Milk (Kanye West, U2, Greenday, Modest Mouse…) has teamed up with Arcade Fire and little internet startup named Google  to create one of the most brilliant web-based music videos to date (and the first in HTML5 for you nerds out there). The video is an “interactive film” for the track “The Wilderness Downtown” from band’s wonderful new release “The Suburbs.”

I don’t want to spoil the wonderful experience so I’ll let you watch interact with it yourself. However, you’ll need two things to get started:

  • the latest Google Chrome browser (remember, this is ground-breaking technology)
  • the street address of the home you grew up in (it’s part of the experience, not another creepy bit of info Google wants to collect about you)

Ready? Now follow the link to take a run through your Wilderness Downtown