Atlanta’s own, O’Brother release a new 7″ Split

O'Brother Sainthood Reps 7 inch

O’Brother, in collaboration with The Ambitious Guest, an up-and-coming vinyl label, are releasing a limited edition 7″ vinyl split between O’Brother and Sainthood Reps (Derrick Sherman of Brand New). It is a mixed color vinyl, meaning each disc will be unique. Also the artwork was done by Aaron Wamack of O’Brother.

The split includes the following songs:
O’Brother,  “Lay Down”
Sainthood Reps, “Condor”

Orders will ship out the second week of January. Contact The Ambitious Guest with any questions, but feel free to place your orders now to guarantee a record.

There’s three reasons why you should pre-order this 7″ from O’Brother:
1) Aaron Wamack of O’Brother did the amazing artwork.
2) It’s a split with Sainthood Reps
3) Total cost with shipping is under 7 bucks.