First Look at Floco’s MODERN LIFE

Floco Torres was hard at work in 2010. After the success of his split EP Psycadelphia with AL K!NG, he immediately set to work crafting his first full-length album.

The project was funded via fan support and between several live shows (including an incredible Acoustic Alley), Floco finally hit the studio in December with his band. Through a New Year’s video message to his fans and supporters, Floco announced that the album, Floco’s MODERN LIFE, was finished and it would have a Spring 2011 release date.

The Blue Indian is excited to provide you with this exclusive video of Floco and his band recording their MODERN LIFE track “The Feeling” at Star Motel Studios in Macon, Georgia.

[youtube id=Q3xvLvsAnYk]

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