Harrison Hudson Releases a New Single, “Run My Way”

run my way artwork

One of names that frequents The Blue Indian community is Favorite Gentlemen, an independent record label founded by Manchester Orchestra and based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They represent names like Kevin Devine and All Get Out, and not so long ago put on the pre-Thanksgiving concert bash, The Stuffing. One of the names on their roster is Harrison Hudson, who recently released a new single titled “Run My Way.” The song boasts Hudson’s quirkiness, but more importantly, showcases the full-bodied force of Hudson’s energy, charming backing vocals, sweet horns, and a successful marriage of smart percussion and solid guitar play to remain the foundation. You can check out the single and download it for free at his website: http://harrisonhudson.com/.

The new single aside, you should really check out his Kickstarter promo video. I don’t normally go out of my way to endorse specific artists, but I do endorse entertaining projects, and I have to say that Hudson’s video is not only well-done, but rivals the hilarious brilliance of the Old Spice commercials. Seriously.

-Beth Yeckley